Body Bridge

In your lifetime –
you may walk above caves,
cathedrals jeweled

by hungry galaxies
of glowworms,
as your vena cava flows

the length of your torso
free from footfalls
that declare it solid.

Let yourself know.
Inhale into
bronchioles and alveoli.  

Juniper exhalations
may rise from branches
and berries of each lung,

or breath, plush as tulip petals,
may grow from a tracheal bulb
resting on loam-beaded roots.
Sacs of soot
on chimney brick
and stain, count.

Dots and lines
printed in mud,
count. It all counts.

In some sort of recipe – landscapes,
elements, essences live in you
like shadows of grass across grass. 


Title poem from Body Bridge
First appeared in The Fiddlehead: Atlantic Canada's International Literary Journal


the rosebush
very near
the ground –
moist, coarse
like ropes
from a well –
no thorns.

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Dew flows
from grass to ankle
to grass to ankle. Grass 

shores with each pass.    
Been, is, going
lull, annul in motion
like source, rapids, mouth.
Barefoot kinesis:

One half pins. Other part
of the step pushes mud
backward, toes forward. 


From Body Bridge
First appeared in The Fiddlehead: Atlantic Canada's International Literary Journal


I am willing
to acknowledge

my limitations,
to accept

both responsibility
and confusion.

I am willing
to prolong awe,

to extend

this nest

of becoming.
I am willing

to be

to these pulses

balancing within
delicate shells.


From Body Bridge
First appeared in Lalitamba: A Journal of International Writings for Liberation


Airica Parker's poems appear most recently in Camas Magazine, CALYX Journal, and Driftwood Press. The Poetry Foundation selected her as a 2011 finalist for a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. A dynamic reader and an experienced workshop leader, she is available to read and lead workshops at events and retreats. Body Bridge, her forthcoming poetry collection, pursues common ground.