Held Space Healing

Every session is unique because everyone has different needs and goals. Choosing from the list below provides a helpful starting point, but my focus is always on listening carefully to you and your body and then responding with the most appropriate technique as we work together to customize your treatment. 

With over a thousand hours of training, I have been practicing since 2006. Come experience the difference.
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Swedish Massage ~

A relaxing flow that balances blood and lymph fluids while soothing muscles and nerves.

60 minutes = $60.00
90 minutes = $85.00

Neuromuscular Massage ~

A slow, localized treatment that releases tissue and liberates nerves, perfect for chronic pain and/or injury related issues.

60 minutes = $60.00
90 minutes = $85.00


Quartz Singing Bowls Vibrational Therapy ~

The vibrations of seven crystal bowls, combined with other energy techniques, make this session a unique and powerful way to experience a greater harmony.

60 minutes* = $50.00

Deep Tissue Massage ~

This type of massage warms superficial tissue to responsibly access deeper layers of tissue.

60 minutes = $60.00
90 minutes = $85.00

Pregnancy Massage ~

During this time of change, massage can help you and your little one feel more comfortable and relaxed.

60 minutes = $60.00
90 minutes = $85.00

Hot Stone Massage ~

Let go and ground more deeply with stones gathered from peaceful places around the world. Melt into this unique experience of warmth and surrender.

90 minutes = $100.00

Gift Certificates are Available

Educational Base: Certified Massage Therapist: 1025 hours supporting
Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts, 2006

I am licensed by Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA): Number 13485. I am an ABMP member.

Held Space Healing, LLC, is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.              

* Time approximated - the singing bowl/sound healings are intuitive and individual



Airica is an exceptional healer. Her presence of heart, mind, soul, and body is like that of no other. She possesses an outpouring of healing energy that is uniquely created for each individual whom she works with. Her intuitive process of healing allows for a genuinely beautiful form of bodywork that is lovingly manifested through her ability to hold space.
- Caitlin, CMT, client

Airica's connection and skill with patients create an environment of healing. Her bodywork is superb. Alaska is missing a wonderful therapist.
- Heather Barnes, L.Ac, past employer at The Alaska Center for Natural Medicines

Airica's massages are a little piece of heaven. I drift off to another space where there are no worries and such peace! Her intuition is "right on" when it comes to finding sore muscle patterns and tension. But mostly I appreciate the whole body healing that takes place.... physically and emotionally.
- Nancy, CMT, client

I describe Airica's work as energetically empathic. The Hot Stone Massage session is an unforgettable experience. Trusting completely and surrendering deeply, I am so appreciative of the intuitive journey Airica has taken me on, re-connecting with myself. It is a sacred gift to be in the hands of a true healing artist.
- Kara Golux, LMT, yoga instructor, client

I received prenatal massages from Airica throughout my entire pregnancy and loved the benefits, both physically and mentally! I had been having trouble with my sciatic nerve. After a message treatment, the pain and swelling were gone. She is truly amazing. She goes the extra mile to be sure I am comfortable; she brings extra pillows for my pregnant belly and hips, uses the best oils, etc. Airica's space and energy is always so peaceful and relaxing. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
- Crystal Foos, client

Great sessions! My back was in such pain. The oils and Airica's healing touch were my cure!
- Stephanie, client

I'd like to share that I have had the opportunity to be a client/recipient of the massage work delivered by Airica Parker. She continually demonstrates a loving and caring openness. She is exceptionally competent. Following each massage, I find that I feel a lightness, a peacefulness and wholeness as to my overall well-being. Airica is extremely professional in her approach. And her sense of humor is infectious. I always come away feeling so much better.
– Carla, client

I love the bowls and sound healings – amazing! The song of the bowls is hard to describe...the sound reverberates throughout the room and the cells of my body – stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Each session is different. I often see colors swirl through my inner vision and feel a presence. I am more centered and clear for weeks. Airica offers an incredible attentiveness. When someone shows up able to direct with such an open heart, I want to receive and receive and receive!
-Rebecca, client