Thank you for your interest in my healing services, poetry, and art.

I feel incredibly fortunate to engage with other people as a therapist, author, and artist. I received my certificate in massage therapy in 2006 from a 1,025-hour program at The Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts, and I have been practicing and advancing my training ever since. Numerous national and international literary journals have graciously supported my writing, and The Poetry Foundation selected me as a 2011 finalist for a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. I enjoy offering readings and received honors for my performance skills from The International Thespian Society. I hold a BFA in Theatre and a BA in English from Stephens College and a literature-extensive MFA in Writing from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. I also study and craft fiction, drama, and essays, and I am privileged to teach a range of 100 and 200 level English classes at Colorado State University. The color, whimsy, and honesty of my art arise from a natural engagement with life. Please visit this website's various pages and the connecting Facebook page to learn more and to stay updated.

Some of my other interests include yoga, cultural and religious studies, conservation, history, equality, friends, and family. I treasure wilderness, and I value a life rich with observation and sensitivity. The landscapes of Colorado helped raise me, and it is wonderful to be home after over a decade of living in other states and countries.

I invite you to join my ongoing journey as a client, reader, and patron.